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Life Reading Analysis of Planetary Influences & Remedies advice HK$988

A detailed report based on your astrological chart, outlining your Karmic patterns of longevity, health, finance, marriage, education, investments, career, religion and spirituality, success, and life purpose. This written report will outline your past, present and future where you will gain insight into your karmic patterns. As a result, you will have deeper understanding of your tendencies to overcome life’s challenges and discover more harmony and fulfillment in your life.

Know the highs & lows of your life, the best times and the unfavorable too. Each and every possible question will be answered through our reports.

We will suggest proven and effective remedies to solve your troubles and tensions. Remedial measures will be suggested to overcome negative planetary influences. They will consist of combinations of Mantras, gemstones, lucky colors, and Vastu (Indian science on flow of energy in house, like Feng Shui).

General Horoscopic Analysis Report (with 5 years prediction) HK$988

Horoscope Readings offered here indicate the planetary influences causing problems in life. The solution is offered in the form of astrology remedies advice.

In “Astrology Report” we will provide you the analysis of the planets in the birth chart explaining which planets are weak and strong. We will explain the general characteristics of the ascending sign. We will explain the positive areas of the chart and which are the deficient areas of the chart.

Your “Astrology Report” will also include analysis for professional matters. We will analyses your horoscope for suitability of business or job. Your horoscope will be analyzed to see if you are vulnerable to sudden and dreaded diseases. Horoscope is also analyzed for making relationships harmonious.

We will also make suggestions for making improvements. Astral remedies are suggested for maintaining vitality, success in relationships, success in professional matters, success in studies, preventing sudden health and professional problems, etc. etc.

We will reply your particular question, if any. We will indicate general impact of planetary influences during the sub periods of planets for the next five years.

Personalized Yearly Forecast Report (with 15 Years prediction) HK$988

  • Are you curious to know about the year ahead?
  • What are my prospects for money, health, and relationships?
  • Will be a major change in my life?
  • What is my marriage and/or family prospects?

Yearly Report can be like your weather report for the year. If the above-mentioned questions arise in your mind, then we can help you to guide the mysteries of life stored for you in the year ahead. Get a Complete and unaltered review of your Horoscope for total peace of mind and happiness. Discover your strengths and weakness, or discover the potential for development and growth in yourself. Know the highs & lows of your life, the best times and the unfavorable too.

Career/ Professional Analysis Report HK$988

  • When will I get a job?
  • Do I need a change in type of the job?
  • Will I get a better job?
  • Will I be successful in my business venture?
  • When should I start the new venture?
  • Would I be benefited by partnership?
  • Why did my business fail?

If you are seeing a downtrend in your business, we can help you to overcome the bad period and suggest you the remedies to improve the conditions affecting your business. We would suggest you the suitable Mantra Chanting for a particular planet and other remedies.

We can answer to these and other questions about your job, business, money and investments. When can recommend what is the good time to make your career and business decisions? Know all about your future in your job as revealed by your horoscope and interpreted by us. Each and every possible question will be answered by our Career Report, and can advise the remedial measure to get success.

Timing of Auspicious Events Muhurta – Electing Auspicious Time HK$788

In today’s context nobody has the time to lose opportunity or confront failure in any of the ventures which cost of lot of money. To ensure success it is very important that we initiate new ventures only when the time is favorable for success. Here the horoscope analysis is taken up to see the suitability as per birth chart, astral remedies if any are suggested and the auspicious time (Muhurta) is suggested for venturing new projects. Recommendation for best time of marriage, incorporation of a business, other important events in life, etc.

Reading and analysis of Child Birth HK$988

A customized reading based on your child’s Moon Nakshatra, birth star with an analysis of the impacts of different planets on the life of your child through the horoscope and suggest you a suitable remedy if needed.

If there is some Yoga in your child’s chart, which creates obstacles or problems in the life of the person, or if you are seeing some problems with your child’s development, we could help you to overcome the bad period and suggest you the remedies to improve the conditions affecting the life of your child. We will suggest you the suitable remedies.

Marriage Compatibility or Relationship Report, Marriage Analysis and Astral Remedies for Delay in marriage HK$988

  • Is my relationship will convert to a happy marriage?
  • Is there a delay in marriage?
  • Is this the right choice?
  • Will you get married to the one you love?
  • Uncertain whether to make a commitment or not?
  • Is your compatibility for a happy married life or not?
  • Auspicious time of marriage?
  • Why you do not enjoy complete mental bliss in marriage?

This in-depth compatibility analysis will provide to answers to these and more by evaluating the planetary positions, like Kunj Dosha, affliction of Mars, sexual and mental compatibility, and success of relationships between two people. We will suggest to you the suitable regular Puja, Homa or Havan, Mantra Chanting for a particular planet.

Analysis for Progeny HK$788

Here we will provide you the analysis of your and your spouse’s birth chart for the progeny matters.

This is very useful in planning the family. It also helps in planning special propitiatory remedies to avert sudden problems like abortion, still-birth, etc.

Suggestions are made to avoid prime sterility and for birth of the male child.

Rectification of birth time HK$488

Vedic astrology is completely dependent on a precise ‘Time of Birth’. An inaccurate ‘time of birth’ will result in totally ‘wrong’ & ‘misleading’ predictions causing much anxiety & frustration. Birth Time rectification & determination is a tedious & lengthy manual process which is based on matching significant past events of your life with your ‘new’ birth chart. This service is recommended for people who are clueless about their ‘Birth Time’ or have an approximate idea.

Time Rectification is actually an interactive process and requires active involvement of the person under context. If you would like to take up this service, you are recommended to kindly provide us with some major happenings of your life (date and if possible, time too). The major events can include:

  • Marriage(s) including the dates and approximate time.
  • Births of children with their date of birth, time and place of each.
  • Divorce(s) including the dates.
  • Law suits and outcome, along with the dates.
  • Loss of a parent, sibling or someone close to you, including the date, times and places.
  • Career breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs in life.
  • Any other important event that would help relate back to your birth time rectification.

Health problems Diagnosis & Remedies HK$488

The problem of health affects a person, both physically and mentally. Physical and mental disability or disturbance temporarily or in a chronic way touch each and every aspect of life of a person.

The birth chart analysis talks about the diseases from which a person may suffer during the course of his/her life. it is astrology which not only forewarns the native about vulnerability to dreaded diseases, but also helps in avoiding the same completely or partially by strengthening the planets through adopting suitable propitiatory astral remedies.

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