Many people will get attracted to opposite sex or fall in love and many of them wish to marry their love. But will it materialize for all?

The simplest way to know is by KP System, in which significators and sub lords decide if a particular issue will materialize or not.

  • For love marriages, one of the 5th house significator should be the sub lord of 7th house.
  • Cast the horoscope of the native in question and see who is the sub lord of 7th cusp.

Now see who all are significators of 5th house.

Each house can have 4 types of significators

Primary significators will be those planets who are placed in the constellations owned by the occupants of 5th house

Secondary significators will be those planets which occupy the 5th house

3rd order significators will be those planets who are placed on the constellations owned by 5th lord

4th order significators will be the owner of 5th house itself.

Now total significators can be of any number. One of them must be sub lord of 7th cusp.

If that happens to be primary significators, then love will definitely materialize into marriage at some point of time.

  • If its 4th order significators, the chances are weak.
  • If a planet is repeated in all orders of significators, and it is sub lord of 7th cusp then this planet has the maximum authority to give love-marriage either during its bhukti or during a bhukti of any other planet placed in any constellation owned by it.
  • Also note 6th, 1st and 10th house significators as they deny marriage and 4th house significators implies separation from lover.
  • So, if 5th cusp sub lord is strong significators of 4th house, then love relation will break.
  • However, if 7th cusp sub lord is a strong significators of 5th house, then this person will fall in love with the person they marry.
  • 6th house significators should not be sub lord of 7th house. Else it will cause separation/divorce and legal issues in marriage.
  • Same way, if 12th house strong significator is sub lord of 7th house, partner will seek separation/divorce.

How to confirm if a person can get married to a certain person?

  1. Take Horoscopes of both persons A and B.
  2. Ruling planets in A’s chart must match sub lords of 2nd, 7th and 11th cusps in B’s chart.
  3. Similarly Ruling planets in B’s chart must match sub lords of 2nd, 7th and 11th cusps in A’s chart.
  4. Ruling Planets: are owner of lagan(ascendant), owner of moon sign, owner of constellation in which moon is placed, owner of the weekday, sub lord of the 1st cusp.
  5. If at least 2 ruling planets match with 2 out of 3 sub lords of 2nd, 7th, 11th cusps and is vimsottari dashas are favorable for both then we can conclude that both will get married.
  6. If ruling planets match to sub lords of only 1st, 5th and 11th cusps but not to 2nd and 7th, then love will end without marriage.
  7. if no 2nd house sub lord is connected to any ruling planets, but 7th sub lord is connected, then both will have physical relation but no marriage.
  8. This subject of ruling planets and sub lords can be applied to all relations including parents, kids, siblings etc.
  9. If 5th house and 8th house have a common significator, then one will face difference of opinion with lovers.
  10. If the planet (5th house significator) is Retrograde, one will experience serious love affair ending suddenly.
  11. If it is combust, then lovers will insult/disappoint you.